Our Goal

We are proud to introduce ourselves as the best whistleblower lawyers in the state. We have represented many whistleblower cases and have successfully claimed millions of rewards and settled them to our clients.

We have a strong team of specialized lawyers under each type of frauds who are experts in their area of specialization. They are well equipped and experienced to take care of all the processing work of the whistleblower case. The process and the forms to be submitted and the governing bodies to be communicated differ for each type of fraud.

According to the fraud that is to be reported the federal agencies to be contacted also differs and they comprise of the U.S. Attorney, state attorney general, Securities and Exchange Commission, or IRS Whistleblower Office. Also the processing differs and in case of an IRS, we file a Form 211 with the IRS Whistleblower Office.  For SEC claims, the SEC Rule 21F-9 is followed, which requires submission of “original information” either through the SEC’s website or by completing the SEC Form TCR.

Our long years of experience in the field of financial fraud recovery, false claims recovery, Medicaid fraud, taxation and auditing frauds helps us to deal with the whistleblower cases in a very effective manner. Our expertise and the success rate can be known by the reviews from our contented clients.

Client and case confidentiality is very important and we exercise great care in maintaining the privacy of both of them. We explain the implications of the case and the importance of its confidentiality to our clients and guide them as to how to go forward in the processing of the case. We remain with our client all through the whistleblower case process and help them complete the filing and claims process in a smooth and effective manner.